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My name is Muhammad Iqbal Kalmati and I am the author and Administrator of this site. I am from Pakistan, Karachi Malir . I have just the Html essential abilities and a tad bit of CSS also yet I thank to Google's Blogger for giving such a magnificent stage through which I dealt with this website for totally free.

blog day by day and there is no other donor/creator who help this site. I am a book mate and perusing various types of books, is my diversion.

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The was propelled on 3 March 2006 without anyone else present just. In this online journal I have quite recently impart the download connections and "read on-line" connections of the books. I have transferred a significant number of these books while a few books are transferred by different ones and I simply impart connections to those books. In this site, I not, one or the other impart any book of Qadiani's. Huge numbers of Islamic books are affirmed, then again I have attempted to impart the connections about the writers of a few books.