Electrical Safety Training PDF Urdu Manual by LESCO Free Download

Free Electrical Safety Course Book (S-100) in Urdu  

الیکٹرکل سیفٹی کورس 

Electrical safety training Urdu

Electrical Courses and Trainee Manual (S-100) PDF Free download or read online by Regional Electrical Training Center LESCO for workplace safety training and electrical hazards and safety in Urdu. This literature Help electrical training courses Students, LESCO Employees, and electric learner now downloads in PDF of this free online electrical training Literature. Also, read high voltage safety training and electrical hazards in the workplace during duty and learn safety training topics through this Urdu technical book now get a safety with electricity by this online electrical safety training PDF ebook. You can also read Basic Electrical Engineering and Electrical Safety Course Urdu books total pages and file size 6 MB. the following content in this book.
  • Hifasat Ka Taruf (Saftey introduction)
  • Aam Hifazat
  • Tibbi Imdad Ke Asool (Rules of Medical Ad)
  • Marizoon ki Tibi Imdad
  • Hosh Me lana
  • Afrad Hifati Zamidarian
  • Technical Supervisor Ki leye Hifazath
  • Aag se Bacho (Fire Saftey)
Electrical Safety Urdu Book
Electrical Safety Course Book


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