Story Of Prophet Lut A S PDF Book by Aslam Rahi MA Free Download

The Story of Hazrat Loot AS in Urdu Complete

حضرت لوط علیہ السلام

 اسلم راہی

Story of Hazrat Loot AS in Urdu

The story of The Messenger Hazrat Loot AS in Urdu. Now you are browsing Urdu story PDF book about Prophet lot Alaihis Salam and his Nation. Hazrat Lut A.S (additionally known as loot) became the Prophet or Messenger of Allah. He become the son of Haran the brother of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S. Hazrat Lut A.S lived in Ur and then he migrated to Canaan with Hazrat Ibrahim A.S Urdu storybook in PDF format free download or read online from this blog this book written by Aslam Rahi MA is the Pakistani historical Urdu story writer he also wrote many Islamic stories of prophets books in Urdu now this book about story of Prophet Lut AS, an Islamic history book and Quranic story about Hazrat Lut Alislam. Qaum e Lut Alaihissalam was stoned via the almighty Allah for their sins of homosexuality. The state of Hazrat  Loot A.S or Lot Alaihis Salam was homosexual which is a large sin in Islam, as a result, destroyed by Allah. Qaum e Lut Ki Kahani Urdu Zubaan me. Hazrat Loot ki qaum ka azab par aik muft kitab. You can also read Sangtarash.

Story Of Prophet Lut A S

Hazrat Loot AS Urdu


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