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ذرا نم ہو تو

قاسم علی شاہ

Zara Num Ho Qasim Ali Shah

Free download PDF copy or study online self-development Urdu book Zara Num Ho written by Qasim Ali Shah, read Life-changing phrases (Zindagi Badalni wali Jumle) also called golden worlds. This is motivational and self-improvement book in Urdu. Qasim Ali Shah is an extraordinary motivational speaker and well-known educator in Pakistan. He began his expert vocation as an instructor and continuously advanced into turning into an expert mentor, motivational open speaker, essayist and feature writer and a writer of three Urdu books. His second book is Zara Num ho which are an accumulation of his quotes and short motivational verses. He had additionally composed an Urdu book Kamyabi Ka Paigham (Message of Success) he is the first book which was a gathering of his composition on achievement and how to wind up noticeably fruitful. and the second book is Zara Num ho. he also writes a book Aap ka Bacha b Kamyaab ho Sakta hai the topic on the theme of child rearing. Learn how to get success in life for ever. Download this book in PDF format total 111 pages and file size 6 MB.

Qasim Ali Shah Books PDF
Qasim Ali Shah Books


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