Jab Mujhe Aghwa Kiya Gaya Ebook Download by Ahmed Yar Khan

Jab Mujhe Aghwa Kiya Gaya Free ebook Download 

جب مجھے اغواہ کیا گیا

 محمد یار خان

Jab Mujhe Aghwa Kiya Gaya

Free Download PDF Novels in Urdu title name of this Urdu novel Jab Mujhe Aghwa Kiya Gaya Authored by Mr. Ahmed Yar Khan, This is 3rd collection and there are three crime stories first Jab Mujhe Agwa Keya Gaya means When I Was Abducted and the second story is Mangni Ki Angotti means The Engagement Ring and last is Zindagi Ke Mailay means Life's festivals. total three Urdu stories available in PDF format or read online from this blog. Mr. Ahmed Yar Khan is a retired Police officer and novel and stories written, stories and novels base on during performing duty and investigating works as an officer. All stories are based on the actual criminal events,  this book as long as 161 pages and PDF file 3.8 MB, download books or read online in PDF format. You can also read Car Shalwar Aur Dupatta.

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