Islamic Urdu Book Ummul Kitab Mein Allah Ka Taaruf in PDF

Urdu Book on Polytheism and Atheism by Allama Abu Al Khair 

ام الکتاب میں اللہ کا تعارف

 علامہ ابو الخیر اسدی

Free Download PDF Urdu Islamic book on Shirk Issue and Tawheed written by Allama Abu Al Khair Shah Asadi, title name Ummul Kitab Mein Allah Ka Taaruf mean the introduction of Allah in the mother book.What is shirk, After reading this book and the polytheism and atheism walls would crumble (Is Kitab ke Parhne ke bad Shirk aur dehriat ki Dewarian reza reza hojati hain). read about polytheism and Quran say about polytheism.  Some main content are Quran main Tuheed Ka zikar, Haqq ki wazahat, Quran  main tuwheed aur S hirk ka Mafhoom, Tuheed Bari Tala, Khuda ki Hasti, Daur Jadeed main Qurani Dawat, Qawaneen e Fitrat, Aqied Ki Ahmiat, Ilam ul Asbab, the theory of Daroon and Atheism, Nizam Kainat, Rab ul Alameen, Khuda ki Hazmat and Science ka Hujz and read more download complete book or read online total 256 pages and PDF file 3.5 MB. You may read Rah-e-Hidayat.

shirk in islam Urdu

shirk in quran urdu


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