Mulaqat Os Makan Mein by Mr. Ahmed Yar Khan

Free Criminal Short Urdu Stories  in PDF

ملاقات اس مکان میں

 احمد یار خان

Mulaqat Os Makan Mein by Mr. Ahmed Yar Khan

The title name of this Urdu Novel "Mulaqat Os Makan Mein" written by Mr. Ahmed Yar Khan. Crime, Investigation and  Intelligence five True stories, this is collection of five dangerous violent criminal Short Urdu Stories  in PDF, The true story belong of investigating criminal cases during process of examining a crime in Police Department, Mr. Ahmed Yar Khan is a retired Police investigation officer in the British rule he investigated different local criminal cases and writes books on this cases now on your personal computer and read in Urdu language, the following name or title of stories in this book;

  • Sath Sanpoon Ka Zehr
  • Molaqat  Us Makan Main
  • Maut Ka Manager
  • O Talaq Se Dati thi
  • Dil Deewana Pyar K Pather

Now download in PDF format u can download PDF copy or read online from this blog.

Free Criminal Short Urdu Stories  in PDF


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