Importance of Dialogue In Social Relation Book In Urdu

Golden Rules For Successful Life Urdu PDF

سماجی تعلقات میں مکالمے کی اھمیت 

عبدالعزیز ابراھیم

Communication tools Urdu book

Get social dialogue or communication tools and golden rules for successful Life Urdu book Smaaji Tallaqaat Mein Maqalmey Ki Ahmiyyat Importance of Dialogue for social relation this is Urdu translation Arabi book of Al Hawar Wa Tawasal written by Rehman Abdul Aziz Ibrahim Ghuzer Ex-Ambassador Saudi Arabia in Pakistan and translate in Urdu language by Saeed Ur Rehman second title of this book basic rule for successful life, and How to relating to society and living together successfully in an organized way. Book as long as 113 pages and file size 5.4 MB only.

Smaaji Tallaqaat Mein Maqalmey


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