Ehde Alast by Tanzeela Riaz Complete Urdu Novel

Ehde Alast Urdu Free Download In PDF

عہد الست

تنزیلہ ریاض

Ehde Alast by Tanzeela Riaz Complete Urdu Novel

Free download PDF or read online Urdu Novel Ahaade Ilasst complete written by Tanzeela Riaz is a Social and Cultural Romantic Novel and without a doubt one of her most Marvelous Novels. The novel, being serialized in Monthly Khawateen Digest, depends on various stories of various characters yet related in some way or another. So what are Ehd-e-Alast all things considered? In the light of Qur'an and Hadith, God initially made every one of the spirits. assembled them in the Aalam-e-Arwah and made an Ehd, which intends to hold witness. It is known as the Ehd-e-Alast. Now download PDF file size 7 MB with 464 pages, All episode in the book. 

Ehde Alast Urdu Free Foreword


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