Fath e Afghanistan by Mr. Mustafa Kamal Pasha

The victory of Afghanistan and History of Afghan War in Urdu

فتح افغانستان

مصطفٰی کمال پاشا

Fath e Afghanistan by Mr. Mustafa Kamal Pasha

Download Afghan war history book Fath-e-Afghanistan (The victory of Afghanistan) Study the history of brilliant Afghans in easy Urdu written by Mr. Mustafa Kamal Pasha.The writer of this book Mustafa Kamal Pasha is a political and resistance investigator, columnist and one of only a handful couple of antiquarians who compose the history impartially. Amid his learns at International University, the creator met with an Arab educator and after that went to the valleys of Hindu Kush. Fath-e-Afghanistan book is the finish of this trip. Fatah-i-Afghanistan book about the Afghanistan war against the USSR Soviet Union attack to Afghan State, Read this informative Pdf Book and increase your knowledge and information about a history of Afghanistan and afghan war and Afghan Mujaheddin. covered history from Ahmed Shah Durrani to Zahir Shah, the writer also to tell a story Anti-Afghan Policies in Afghanistan of Russia and India. Now download this Urdu book total 300 pages and PDF file size 10 MB.

The victory of Afghanistan and History in Urdu


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