Kis Jahan Ka Zar Liya by Umera Ahmed Novel PDF

Urdu Novel Kis Jahan Ka Zar Liya 

کس جہاں کا زر لیا

 عمیرہ احمد

Kis Jahan Ka Zar Liya by Umera Ahmed PDF

Free download Pakistani romantic Short Urdu novel Kis Jahan Ka Zar Liya written by Umera Ahmed. Is a radiant story of romance, disloyalty, trickery and relinquish. Farooq and Shehla are frantically enamoured yet his monetary status and duties practically difficult to meet are what is keeping them separated. Everything changes when Maleeha, a rich and wonderful young lady, enters Farooq's life. This story was initially distributed in Khawateen Digest then later in Sahar Aik Ista'ara Hai. Umera Ahmed is female Urdu author and fiction story writer, novelist. she writes many famous novels in different Urdu digest and magazine.

Urdu Novel Kis Jahan Ka Zar Liya


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