How to Survive a Nuclear Attack In Urdu PDF

How to Care or Safety After The Atom Bomb Attack in Urdu

ایٹمی حملے کے بعد کیسے بچا جائے

How to Survive a Nuclear Attack In Urdu PDF

Atomi Hamle ke bad Kese Bacha Jahe. Very important information or knowledge for all and every person in Urdu booklet, how first aid your-self to care or safety after attacking nuclear explosion and weapons or atom bomb and how to survive a nuclear attack . How to care in nuclear fallout shelter with safety tips in Urdu language. Nuclear bomb radius instruction, The atomic bomb blast secrets of survival read in Urdu. Safe leaving an aftermath protect not exactly a day after the impact. Total 11 pages and file size 0.2 MB.

The Atom Bomb Attack care tips in Urdu


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