Tofan Ki Awaz by Ibne Safi Urdu Novel PDF Free Download

Imran Series Ibne Safi Urdu Novel 

طوفان کی آواز

اسرار احمد ابنِ صفی ‎

Tofan Ki Awaz by Ibne Safi Urdu Novel PDF Free Download

Urdu novel imran series get another wonderful and interesting Urdu novel Tofan Ki Awaz by Ibn-e-Safi. Tital name of this novel Taufan Ki Awaz authored by Mr. Ibn e Safi Who's famous Urdu novelist, Fiction writer poet of Urdu from Pakistan, Urdu long and short Story writer. first-class recognized for his Imran series of Urdu novels. He is the additionally the starter of Imran series. His principal works had been the a hundred twenty five-e-book sequence Jasoosi Dunya (The undercover agent World mean the spy world) and the one hundred twenty-ebook Imran sequence,Tofan Ki Awaz is such pleasant and unique story of Imran and his pals who messed with enemies and their adventurous story begins.Download pdf file or read online easily total 164 pages.

Urdu novel imran series


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