Safeeran e Khuda by Masood Mufti Pdf Urdu Book Free Download

Islamic Books in Urdu pdf Free Download

سفیران خدا

 ممتاز مفتی

Islamic Books in Urdu pdf Free Download

Urdu books pdf Free download or Study online, very informative book in Urdu about the different Prophets of Allah, Book name in Urdu "Safeeran-e-Khuda" Means the ambassadors of God written by Masood Mufti, who is famous Pakistani Muslim Scholar and He has written some other book in Urdu about this topic. This book about Life on different prophets,history, their nations, biographies, and other related knowledge about the holy prophets are written in easy Urdu local language,In this Urdu e-book Safiran-e-Khuda. In the beginning of the e-book,the writer has additionally narrated the introduction of miracle and the truth of Wahi.He has also written the approaches and types of Wahi. Urdu e-book in regards to the exceptional Holy prophets, About Hazrat Mohammad SAW, Hazrat Ishaq A.S,Hazrat Looth A.S,Hazrat Idrees A.S, Hazrat Ibrahim A.S,Hazrat Ismail A.S, Hazrat Sheesh A.S, Hazrat Salih A.S, Hazrat Hood A.S,Hazrat Noah A.S,Hazrat Idrees A.S,Hazrat Adam A.S and So many other Messenger of Allah.


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