Way of Reiki Book in Urdu by Tahir Mansoori

Reiki Urdu Book Qadeem Tareeqa Ilaj

ریکی شفا بخشی کا قدیم طریقہ

طاہر منصورفاروقی

Way of Reiki Book in Urdu by Tahir Mansoori

Free download Way of g Reiki a Healing technique in the Urdu language written by Kajsa Krishni Borang and Urdu translated by Tahir Masoor Farooqi, Principles of Reiki in Urdu. A remedy procedure situated on the precept that the therapist can channel power into the sufferer by way of contact, to prompt the natural treatment procedures of the sufferer's body and restoration bodily and emotional good-being. brief Information, and introduction about Reiki Treatment methods of Mathma Budh. In Urdu is Mahatma Budh ki Shifa Bakshi ka Qadim Tariqa Ilaj. Reiki tricks methods and technique book in you local Pakistani language. Kajsa Krishni Borang has been a Reiki master on the grounds that 1984. She spent a number of lengthy intervals residing in an ashram in India, where she took care of a herd of deer and peacocks as a part of her religious practice there.


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