Musalman Khawind Aur Musalman Biwi Maulana Idrees

Husband and Wife Book in the Urdu Language

مسلمان خاوند اور مسلمان بیوی 

 مولانا محمد ادریس انصاری

Musalman Khawind Aur Musalman Biwi

Free download Islamic Urdu Musalman Khawind Aur Musalman Bivi (Muslim Husband and Muslim Wife) by Maulana Muhammad Idrees Ansari.  In volume 1 Book,  Maulana describes the system of Nikkah in step with Sunnah and proper of Muslim spouse on her husband and what are the characteristics of Muslim  Husband.  And in book Volume, 2 Maulana describe correctly of Muslim Husband on his spouse and what are the traits of the Muslim wife. Include Part 1 and Part 2 Complete. PDF page size is 14mb.

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