Asool e Maqasid Ke Raaz by Riaz Muhammad Anjum PDF

The Secret of Goals by Brian Tracy in Urdu

حصول مقاصد کے راز

 برائن ٹریسی

ریاض محمد انجم

Goals by Brian Tracy in Urdu

Leading Self Development Courses in Urdu Free download very popular English book in Urdu The Secret of Sucess or Goal (Usool e Maqasid Ke Raaz) written Brian Tracy and Urdu translated by Riaz Muhammad Anjum. How to get everything you want, Faster than you ever thought possible.The proven step by step Urdu guide for setting and achieving your Goals and successes, now easily read or download in the Urdu Language.


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  1. Alhamdu lillahe Rabbilalameen Masha Allah bohat hi Nayab kitabey Aap ki taraf se hamey self development urdu books free download karney ke liye mili Allah Taala Aap sabhi logo ko Deen Dunya aur akhirat me kamyab kare aur hamesha khushal rakhke Aameen .
    Sabir Yaqoob Shaikh Mumbai India