Jinnat Ka Paidaishi Dost Jald 2 in PDF by Lahoti Purisrari

Ghost Childhood Freind Stories in Urdu

جنات کا پیدائشی دوست جلد دوم 

 علامہ لاہوتی پراسراری

Jinnat ka Paidaishi Dost Jald 2 in PDF by  Lahoti Purisrari

Download "Jinnat ka paidaishi Dost" Jald 2 or part 2 in PDF (2nd Edition) by Allama Lahoti Purisrari published by Ubqari center, The true story of men whose live with jinn (ghost), real life stories of Jinnat (jinoon ke sath Zindagi Guzarne ki Kahani). The hidden and secret life Nation of jinn. very informative and interesting real story of the ghost. Read what is jinn history and brief information about the ghost in the Urdu language. Total 422 pages and pdf size 9MB. Easily read online or get pdf for offline Study. Download Jald 1 Click here.


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  1. اسلام علیکم
    Kindly upload third part of jinnat ka padaishi dost.
    With regards