Super Laboratory Novel by Ahmed Shaheer PDF

Super Laboratory Imran Series Novel Free 

سپر لیبارٹری ناول

 احمد شہیر

Super Laboratory Novel by Ahmed Shaheer PDF

Get PDF copy Super Laboratory Novel,  is a secret agent action journey Imran series Novel, written exclusively  by Ahmed Shaheer. On this Novel a brand new spy company of Israel has emerged with the identity of Black Tigers. Black Tigers agency kidnapped Pak Asia Scientist Kashan Baqri and stole his method from precise Laboratory and Chief Scientist Sir Dawar had no clue about the abduction of Dr. Kashan Baqri. Ali Imran and Sir Dawar both concept Kashan Baqri had left Pak Asia for another nation. Did Ali Imran and PakAsia Secret service manipulate to recover the components and convey back Dr. Kashan Baqri? Learn this Novel super Laboratory to grasp the solutions. We hope our Imran sequence Readers will find this Novel as an exciting thriller as others. Free download PDF or study online. Get file easily, PDF file size is 4MB only and total pages of this book are 113.


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