Khuda Kahan Hy by M A Rahat PDF Download

Historical Book About Real Islamic State in Urdu

خدا کہا ں ہے ایم اے راحت

Khuda Hahan Hy by M A Rahat PDF Download

Book title Khuda Kahan hy written by M A Rahat, Historical book About real Islamic state and Islamic Stories and some true story of Khilafat and Khalifah Hazrat Umer R.A. History of Islamic wars between Muslims and Jews, Story of the victory of Palestine.History of Arab-Muslim Countries Khilafat e Usmani. The Story of Modern Isreal in Urdu. The followings content in this Novel.

  •  Qibal awwal Baidail Maqadas 
  •  Hazarat Umer R.A in Palastin and Isreal
  •  Hazarat Omer R A Come in Bait-ul-Muqadas
  •  Jihad Stories (Waqiat)
  •  Sulah Nama
  •  Masjid e Umer R.A
  •  Khalifa Haroon Rasheed
  •  Fateh Bait-ul-Muqaddis
  •  The history of Yarosilim and isreal
  •  Hazarat Daud A.S
  •  Taboot e Sakeena
  •  Hazarat Suleman Ka Mehel
  •  Yajooj Majooj
  •  Masjid e Aqsa 
  •  Masjid e Nabvi
  •  Masjid e Haram
  •  Haram Shareef
  •  Tatari aur Farangi Kat Jorh
  •  Yahoodi o Esahi
  •  Usmani Turak
  •  Sultan Salaudin Ayubi

Read Muslim Turkey History Download Complete book or read online. 163 pages and pdf size is 5MB.


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