Informative Natural Treatment Health Guide Urdu Book

Islam Ka Hamageer Nizame Sihat Aur Fitri Tarika Ilaj

اسلام کا ہمہ گیر نظام صحت اور فطری طریقہ علاج

سلطان بشیر احمد

ڈاکٹر محمد عاصم محمود

Natural Treatment Health Guide Urdu book

Free download Very informative Health guide and Advice book in Urdu Language "Islam Ka Hamageer Nizame Sihat Aur Fitri Tarika Ilaj" written by Atomic scientific Engineer Sultan Bashir Ahmed Qualified MBBS, MCPS (Family Medicine) Sitara Imtiaz and Reviewed by Dr. Muhammad Asim and Rehana Asim Mehmood. Basics of Health Caring, treatment with Natural food and Prayer In the light of Husa Hasna Rasool e Akram  S A W. Along with Body Health and technique for increase Spiritual resistive power, 236 Treatments with home remedies and Natural Plant (Jarhi Bootian) Herbal remedies read in this book tips for Healthy life through Meal or foods and Avoid some food in Urdu, eat healthy food and take exercise, Also read in this Urdu PDF Tibbi book about the treatment of the physically and the mentally ill. Treatment through rectifies with Holy book Quranic verses. Helping Urdu book for food and drink you take and produce good, strong and well health.


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