Almiya Tareekh by Dr. Mubarak Ali PDF Download

 Free History Urdu Book Almia Tareekh 

المیہ تاریخ

 ڈاکٹر مبارک علی

Almiya Tareekh by Dr. Mubarak Ali PDF Download

Get PDF copy history Urdu book Almiya Tareekh complaint by Dr. Mubarak Ali, Main Artical Content in this book are Sofia Charactor in Indian (Hindustan) history. Sofi riwayat Ki Tashkeel, Tasouf aur Muhashra, Sofia ki Rohani Sultanat, Hindustan Me Islam kese Phela, Ulama Aur Masail, Jihad Tehreek, Zat Path aur Mirza Nama, Sir Syed aur Iqbal, Fikar Iqbal ki Bunyadian, Namak Halali, Fun e tameer, India me Farsi, Tareekh naveesi, Tareekh kese parhna, Islamic History and Muslim history in Urdu. Ullma and Science, Nasal Khandan zath path, Muslim Governance and his Family, Pakistani history, Education and problems in Pakistan, Study, Jagir darana Jamooriat, A new vision of our history. Read more download this document or study online.


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