Sub Rang Sanol by Hashim Shoro Free Download

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سڀ رنگ سانول

ھاشم شورو

Sub Rang Sanol by Hashim Shoro

Download Sindhi Adabi book (Kitab) "Sub Rang Sanol" written by Hashim Shoro and read free of cast, The collection of Essay, Articles, Stories, interviews, poetry, biography and more. Read Biography about the author of this Sindhi book Hashim Shoro, Reads about Sindhi Adabi persons like Abdul Kareem Baloch, Lachman Komal, Gul Mohammad Katri, Ayaz Alam Abrho. The stories are Masiha, Pela Gul Plandh me, wahshi Jazban jo mauth, Bharam bhoora, Masi Dhani. Biographies (Auto graf Dairy) of Taj Baloch, Suleman Sheikh, Sheikh Ayaz, Abida Parvin, Rukhsana Abhro, Alan Faqeer, Abdul Qadir Junejo, Tanveer, Qazi Khadam, Nazir Naz, Ali Baba, Khair unisa Jafri, Zafar Hasan, Qamar Shahbaz, Taj Joyu, Muhammad Ibrahim, Hamid, Sherjeel, Famida Hasan, interviews of Faheem Fida Shoro and more. And Poetry of Gulam Husain Garq. Study more download PDF or read from this website.Like Sindhi Dhardhi books and Share to your friends.Thanks to Sindh Salamat Kitab Gar.


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