Jala watan by Noorul Huda Shah In Sindhi PDF

A Stories Collection in Sindhi Book Free Download

جلاوطن  نورالهدي شاه

Jala watan by Noorul Huda Shah In Sindhi PDF

Jala watan written by Noor ul Huda Shah, Noor ul Huda shah, a playwriter, was Born on 22-July, 1957 in Hyderabad, Sindh.She is considered as a real part of the best play-writs of Pakistan. Due to her play "Wilderness", She likewise composed numerous story books in Sindhi dialect, for an exam,  A Sindhi stories collection book first edition Publish by Roshni Publication. The Sindhi storybook Free download or read online. The contact in this book are Mhag, Cha kaje Cha liky, Par tho ghosht, Foot path, Shareef zadi, Sardoon ain faisla, man darpan, Dewaroon, Nagasaki, Dozakhi, Jala watan. Read more get PDF or read on the internet. 135 page and pdf file size are 1.5MB.


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