Badalti HoviTareekh (History) PDF Free Download

Badalti Howi Tareekh by Dr Mubarik Ali Book

بدلتی ہوئی تاریخ 

ڈاکٹر مبارک علی

Badalti HoviTareekh (History) PDF Free Download

Another Informative Urdu book about history Title is "Badelti Howi Tareekh" author by Doctor Mubarak Ali. read in this about a history of the republic and also study about American  black, How to write Pakistan history, our basic of Education system. Political, government and Army (Pakistani Siasat aur Pak Fauj), Personalities and Political Parties , Pakistani politics work, Army and politics, What is history in Urdu language, Before and after a war, Study all Subject of this book in Urdu. Total pages 196 and file size is 5.1mb.


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