Aloe Vera Plant Information Uses and Cultivation Methods

Good Agricultural Practices for Aloe Plant PDF

Aloe Plant Information Uses and Cultivation methods

Good Agricultural Practices for Aloe Vera Forming and Benefits Compiled by R.S. Jat R. Nagaraja Reddy Ruchi Bansal P. Manivel.Name of the plant Scientific name Aloe barbadensis Mill.Local name English: Aloe barbados Aloe, Curacao aloe, Jaffarabad aloe and Pakistani and Indian Aloe, Hindi and Urdu: Kunvar pathu and Gheekanvar, Sanskrit: Ghrit kumari, Kannad: Lolesara, Tamil: Thazhai. Aloe leaves are used for medicinal and cosmetic uses.aloe juice from leaves is laxatic, stomachic, aphrodisiac, cathartic, emmenagogic, astringent, antidotal, anthelmintic and hepatic stimulant. for its high demand in cosmetic industries, Cultivation methods, Method of planting, Crop nutrition, Crop calendar, Yield and economics, Market demand.


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