Khawateen (Women) Ka Hajj O Umra Guide Book

Women Hajj O Umra Guide In Urdu by Abdul Rauf Sakarvi 

خواتین کا حج

مولانا مفتی عبدالرﺅف سکھروی صاحب

Khawateen (Women) Ka Hajj O Umra Guide Book

Download pdf book "khwateen ka hajj wo umra" written by mufti  abdul rauf sakarvi , how farfuom umra and hajj for woman, problems and solution durring hajj.Arz e molaf hajj ki tayyari, hajj o umra ke baz zaroori masail, tawaaf, safar e hajj ka zaroori saaman, ziarat e madinah, hajr e aswad. Hajj o umra ke masail aur unka hall, rukn e yamani,  compelet philgram urdu  guide and learning for woman.


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