Irrigation Through Scheduling Technical Guide PDF

Urdu Agriculture Technical Training Book PDF

آبپاشی کب،کتنی اور کیسے

چودھری محمد اشرف

Irrigation Through Scheduling Technical Guide PDF

Download free Agriculture book "Aabpashi Kab Kitni aur Kese" Irrigation through Scheduling in Urdu and English languages Written by Chaudry Muhammad Ashraf, technical brief on Maximizing water productivity through exact timing and amounting of irrigation.Soil water plant relationship, effective root zone of a crop, Crop critical growth stages, Calculating RAW, Converting to liters for drip irrigation, Overlapping drippers, Non-overlapping drippers, Scheduling methods, Feel and appearance, Soil moisture measurements, evapotranspiration based crop water budgeting. Download booklet or read on the internet.


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