Balochi Lok Dastanian Folk Tales by Ghos Buksh in Urdu

History of Balochi Folk Tales PDF Free Download

بلوچی لوک  داستانیں

 غوث بخش صابر

History of Balochi Folk Tales PDF Free Download

This collection of Balochi historical folk tales in Urdu. Download Baloch Civilization and Social historical  Urdu Book "Balochi Lok Dastanian" Author Ghos Buksh Sabir. This book is the collection of Baluchi Lok Stories and history, the brief history of Balochi lock dastan. The story of Sassui Punhun and poem translation Balochi into Urdu. A Baluchi nazam sassui punhun poem translation in Urdu, this story belong to Sindh-Balochistan border. Sasi is a daughter of Hindu raja, Pakistani Schouler Dr. Nabi Bux Baloch also write the book about Sasi Punoo 500 pages published in 1976, and story of Hamal O Mahgunj with name and family, The history  of Kalmati or Kalmat, Rind, Lashari and Hoat Baluch tribes, A Balochi historical poetry translation in Urdu language, Pathagies history in Balochistan, war between Kalmati and Portuguese, Hani and shah Mureed Romani Dastan (Love Story), Balochi people culture, A history of romantic Balochi story of  Bibarg o Granaz, Datan e Shah Dad O Mehnaz and poetry and story, Lalla o Granaz and Hizat Mehrik Love stories, Seemak O Natha and Kiya O Sadu, Balach O Gore gira, Mast o Sammo Dastan.Read more download Complete book or read on the web.


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