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Aik Din by Bano Qudsia Novel PDF Free Download

Aik Din by Bano Qudsia Urdu Download PDF

ایک دن

 بانو قدسیہ

Aik Din by Bano Qudsia Novel PDF Free Download

Free Download Complete Urdu Novel  "Aik Din" written by Ms. Bano Qudsia, "Aik Din" is the title name of this Urdu novel which implies One Day, Bano Qudsia is an author, dramatist and mystic from Pakistan who composes Urdu books and short stories. She is best known for her novel Raja Gidh and has composed for TV and stage in both the Urdu and Punjabi dialects. Her play Aadhi Baat has been called, "an excellent". She has written this novel in a very interesting way. The tale of Aik Din is the length of 54 pages with the clear precious stone showcase and textual style.This is in Pdf format with the 5MB size. This is the Complete Story by Bano Qudsia.Now You can download Copy of this book or read on the internet.


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