Palmistry Basics Guide and Learning Booklet in Urdu

ہاتھ کی لکیرورں کا احوال جانئیے

Palmistry Basics Guide and learning booklet in Urdu

How to read palms with picture in Urdu, Palmistry basics Guide and learning Urdu booklet with hands picture diagram also know chiromancy and astrology, free download Hath Ki Lakirain, in this Document read about Khat e Qalab, Khat e Zain, Khat e Zindagi, Khat e Shams, Dil ki lakir (heart line), Mariage line, Dimag ki Lakir (Brain line), Zindagi ki Lakir, Safar e Zindagi ki Lakir, Kamyabi Ki Lakir (success line). Knowledge about Heartline, Mind and your internal Life.Palms reading, complete information lifeline in human, how to read hands shapes and line.


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