DiabetesTreatment Sugar Ka Desi Ilaj PDF Free Download

Diabetes Symptoms Causes and Treatments in Urdu

شوگر(زیابیطس) کا علاج  

حکیم محمد نصیر

DiabetesTreatment Sugar Ka Desi Ilaj

Very informative Diabetes health Urdu book Sugar Ka Ilaj written by Hakeem Muhammad Naseer. This is the Tib herb Urdu PDF book, treatment with natural food, Tps and tricks for dibetic (suger). Find in this book About diabetic, what is Diabetes (shuger), know about usage of expire medicine, Surjery is harmfull for high blood sugar patients, Types of dibatice, Foods and treatment, Urine and blood test, kolunji se Suger ka ilag, Unani ilag. Qurani Ayat si ilaj, Dard Shif e Marz. Read More download this book or read online.


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