Compelet Astronomy (Ilam Falkiyath) Book in Urdu

فہم الفلکیات 

سید شبیراحمد صاحب

Compelet Astronomy (Ilam Falkiyath) Book in Urdu

This is a Complete Space Astronomy (Ilam Falkiyath) book in Urdu Language with picture "Fahmul Falqiat" written by Syed Shabir Ahmed Kakhail and verified by Maulana Mufti Rafi Usmani,the very informative book about Star and Univers, Study in this book, Map of Stars and planets, Definition of Universe, time and Space,read our Soler system, Sky, Sun, Earth, Moon, Mars,asteroids, comets and nebulae The world of stars, Starting and end of Univers, Great Circle, Ecliptic, Planet in the galaxy.Sunrise and Sun, How to find Qibla Direction technique Manually In Urdu.Meaning of Lightyear( Noori Saal).Distance list between the some big Stars.tempature of Stars.


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