Safar e Hajj Ki Mushkilat Aur Unka Mumkin Hal

سفرِ حج کی مشکلات اور اُن کا ممکن حل

از قمرالدین ایس خان

Safar e Hajj Ki Mushkilat Aur Unka  Hal

The publication is written in very today's variety to avoid these forms of wrong action and Amal. It describes all these problems and problems in a short but concise method, which has been known to a pilgrim.  Masail o Malomaat Urdu Book Hajj o Umra.Ought to recognized understanding, issues and problems for the pilgrims of Hajj.Many individuals  also commit these motion who're blessed to have regularly the Hajj and Umrah. Correctly, it is considering of negligence and lack of know-how of disorders and ideas.Free Download this book read on the internet from given links.


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