Mukammal Sehat Ka Raaz by Mr. Laurence Englemohr

مکمل صحت کا راز

 ڈاکٹر لارنس ای مورہاؤس

ترجمہ: رانا محی الدين 

Mukammal Sehat Ka Raaz

The is Urdu translation popular English book of  total fitness within 20 minutes a week written by Mr. Laurence Englemohr Morehouse and Urdu translation by Mr. Rana Mohayyuddin.who worked hard to translate such a long English book into Urdu language.This Book is one of the best books on health and exercise should be reprinted is hard to find,the book is very informative about the workings of the body, which is all about health and fitness.The initial five parts talk about the creator's perspectives of activity and eating regimen. The remaining 7 parts address heart rate and checking, layout his activity arranges and offer down to earth guidance on preparing for games.

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