Guava (Amrood) Cultivation Booklet in Urdu

امرود  کی کاشت

Guava (Amrood) Cultivation Booklet in Urdu

An another Guava Cultivation (Amrood Ki Kasht) Booklet in Urdu. Agriculture pdf Urdu books here.Guava (Psidium guajava Linn.) is an arborescent bush or a little tree and is one of the prevalent products of the Punjab, Pakistan. It has a place with the family Myrtaceae and is a standout amongst the most gregarious of natural product trees. The spot of beginning of the guava is accepted to be a zone stretching out from the Southern piece of Mexico upto the Central piece of America. It has been scattered by man, winged animals and different creatures to every warm range of tropical America and the West Indies. The guava organic product is a berry with an extensive shabby center.

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