Cultivation (Kasht) of Sugarcane Book In Urdu

گنے کی کاشت

Cultivation (Kasht) of Sugarcane Book In Urdu

Gane ki Kasht Cultivation (Kasht) of Sugarcane In Urdu, a booklet for Agriculture's. Discuss Kasht ka tariqa and other issues of cultivation of Sugarcane.Sugarcane is a critical money product of Pakistan. It is basically developed for sugar and sugary generation. It is a critical wellspring of wage and livelihood for the cultivating group of the nation. It likewise frames crucial thing for commercial enterprises like sugar, chipboard, paper, blasts, confectionery, utilizes as a part of chemicals, plastics, paints, synthetics, fiber, bug sprays, and cleansers. Sugarcane generation in the nation has expanded after some time.

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