Bachpan Ka December by Hashim Nadeem

بچپن کا دسمبر

ہاشم ندیم

Bachpan Ka December by Hashim Nadeem

Get Free pdf copy Urdu novel Bachpan Ka December written by Hashim Nadeem.An adventure from adolescence's December to the December of adulthood. Excellent plot with sensible characters. Hashim Nadeem's composition style is excellent and effective. Aadi makes you experience his childhood, his pre-school time, school and cadet school life and afterward you gradually begin to look all starry eyed at Wajjo with him. Sentiments and their appearance are the things that this novel speaks the truth. How honestly glad your youth was and how develop emotions and adulthood can all of a sudden make your life not the same as the way it should be.It was exceptionally relatable and extremely fascinating. The battle of a kid who originated from humble beginnings to study in the best school of Pakistan was really fascinating to peruse.

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