Namaz Kaisay Bahtar Banain by Khurram Murad

نماز کیسے بہتر بنائیں

خرم مراد

Namaz kaisay bahtar banain by Khurram Murad

Read online or free download Namaz booklet "Namaz kaisay bahtar banain" written by Khurram Murad. Salah (Salat, Namaz) is that the ritual prayer practiced by Muslims in supplication to Allah (SWT). The term is usually accustomed discuss with the 5 daily prayers, that area unit obligatory upon all mature Muslims. salat (Salat, Namaz) is taken into account the foremost vital act of worship (Ibadah, Ibadat) in Islam and its importance is specified underneath only a few circumstances it may be omitted. salat (Salat, Namaz) strengthens the foundations of our religion. It prepares someone to measure the lifetime of goodness and obedience to Allah (SWT), and it builds spirit and determination. anytime we tend to perform Salat, we tend to renew our commitments to Allah (SWT) and that we dis-embarrass ourselves from worldly pressures 5 times daily. 

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