Hazrat Khizar A.S Kay Waqiat PDF Book by Mohammad Qasam Qadri

حضرت خضر علیہ السلام
 کے واقعات

محمد قاسم قادری

Hazrat Khizar A.S Kay Waqiat

Free download or browse on-line another should browse Urdu book "Hazrat Khizar A.S Kay Waqiat" and browse the fascinating stories of a Holy Prophet Hazrat Khizar in your own Urdu language. "Hazrat Khizar A.S Kay Waqiat" is that the title name of this Urdu book that merely means that The Stories of Hazrat Khizar A.S. This Urdu book could be authored by Mohammed Qasim Qadri Attari Hazarvi United Nations agency is a documented Moslem scholar of the Barelvi college of thoughts. There square measure such a lot of fascinating stories concerning Hazrat Khizar A.S and his life during this Urdu book and consistent with the author Mohammed Qasim Qadri, several of the stories square measure collected from Dr. Mohammed Khalid Siddiqui's book "Hazrat Khizar A.S Kay Halat-o-Waqiat. Hazrat Khizar A.S Kay Waqiat book is in Urdu language and for those people that will browse and perceive Urdu language. If you're wanting to examine Hazrat Khizar A.S then this book is for you. This book isn't an extended book, however, contains on thirty-seven pages with clear crystal show and with any low disk size of 2.7 MB only. you'll be able to free transfer Hazrat Khizar A.S Kay Waqiat Pdf Urdu book or browse it on-line from the  below links when the end of the post.

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