Dil Ki Zindagi by Khurram Murad

دل کی زندگی 

خرم مراد

Dil Ki Zindagi by Kurram Murad

Free download Islamic Literature here and Read Online booklet "Dil Ki Zindagi" written by Khurram Murad.Khurram Murad was born in Bhopal, an Asian nation in 1932 and migrated to the Asian country in 1948. He studied technology at the University of urban center (BEng. 1952), securing first place within the University, and went on to review within the University of Gopher State (USA) (MSc. 1958), he worked as a number one consulting engineer in urban center, Dhaka, Iranian capital and Riyadh. Associated Consulting Engineers Ltd., with that he worked as a chief engineer and resident director, was chargeable for the initial style and electrification of the extension of the musjid al-Haram, Makkah and Khurram Murad contend a very important role within the formulation and implementation of the plans for extension of the Haram. Khurram Murad occupies an area of distinction within the intellectual sphere of latest Islam. A thinker, Associate in Nursing talker and a prolific author, he has been one in every of the architects of current Moslem revival. whereas his dawah activities began in the Asian country, he has been concerned within the promotion of the Moslem movement in Asia, Europe, continent and also the Americas. As an instructor and a da'iyah his speeches and thoughtful orations have galvanized thousands of young men and ladies everywhere the globe. As chief of the coaching departments of the Jamiat, a key role within the character-building of the youth within the Moslem Movement. Download from a below link at the end of a post.

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