Tauheen Risalat or Us Ki Saza

توہین رسالت

مفتی جمیل احمد تھانوی 

Tauheen Risalat or Us Ki Saza

A PDF copy booklet of "Tauheen Risalat or Us Ki Saza" written by Hazrat Mufti Moulana Jamil Ahmed Jamia Ashrafia Lahore and compose by Hazrat Moulana Mufti Mehmood Ashraf Usmani ustad in dar ul huloom korangi Karachi.Subject in this book A discuss about Salman Rushdi, Aljawab, 22 ayath of Quran Shareef, forty hadees Mubarak,Gustakh ki saza,qayas sherei aur haqal ki Roshni me sat 7 wojuhat, Fuqa karam k das Hawala jat,mafi aik doka, qatal murtad k tariqa per hanfi ki 3 ibarat,sachi toba se qatal mahaf hone k qahil 2 ulma ki ibarat, sachi toba ka tariqa, qiud Iran k misali iqdamat,Isreal ka dunay bher ko alti metam,Answer and question about this topic.Qadianism (Ahmadism) could be a pseudo faith whose leadership exploits its members socially, psychologically and financially. The leaders of this cluster are able to maintain their form of government over their normal members through treachery, plagiarism, cruel and inhuman discipline. This cluster aims to steal the identity of Islam by misinterpreting the first sources of Islam. the aim of this website is to reveal the techniques and logical fallacies of this cluster.

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