Concise English Notes for Class IX

Concise FSc English Notes for Class IX

Free Download or read Online English Notes Text Book for different boards of Pakistan will provide you ultimate help in your examination preparation. These notes will give you answers of questions, solutions of numerical, solved examples, MCQs questions from past papers. These notes are helpful for all educational boards of Pakistan.Concise English notes for class ix available here with all lessons and answer and questions, short note/ paragraph, make sentences of your own using the words, summary. Deferent lessons and questions are: the last sermon of the holy prophet (peace be upon him), where is the mount, Arafat? , shah Abdul Latif, where is bit shah? the neem tree, where is Moen-jo-Daro situated? , Helen Keller, the daffodils, where was Allama Iqbal born? , the role of women in the Pakistan movement, who was bi aman? what does nursing mean?, what the Quaid-e-Azam said, how do we get malaria? stopping by woods on a snowy evening, the great war hero major Aziz Bhatti, what does nursing mean? the miller of the deep, responsibilities of a good citizen, a letter about the village life in Pakistan, where was Abu ben adhem? the secret of success, where is the guide barrage built. 

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