Kainatee Jang Kaisay Jeeti Jaye by Altaf Qureshi

کائناتی جنگ
 کیسے جیتی جائے؟

رضا ارسلان 

ترجمہ الطاف قریشی

How to Win a Cosmic War

Free download or read online Pdf copy book of "Kainatee Jang Kaisay Jeeti Jaye" written By Reza Aslan. The Urdu Translation book of "How to Win a Cosmic War" by Reza Aslan" translate in Urdu by Altaf Qureshi.Reza Aslan's aboriginal book, No God But God, was an all-around success, answer Islam as a religion, ability and character to hundreds of bags beyond the world. His aftereffect is a sensible, able and hardly aces overview of what could be alleged the abstinent larboard position on Islamic militancy. Little has not been covered before, but again the author's aim is not to revolutionise but to aggregate, synthesise and acquaint a host of advantageous ideas. 

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