Fitna e Gohar Shahi by Allama Abu Tipu Khalid Islami Urdu Kutub PDF

فتنہ گوہر شاہی

علامہ ابو ٹیپو خالد

Fitna e Gohar Shahi by Allama Abu Tipu Khalid

Free download or read online Pdf copy booklet of  "Fitna e Gohar Shahi " written By Allama Abu Tipu Khalid.It was camp (Non-Muslims) which was usual by Riaz Gohar Shahi who was unshaven as Sufi and too appealing party of Sunni Scholar and Renewed Scholar who is reality in the apple to vivify the Sunnah of Muhammad PBUH. Again he aswell asserted that there is his blessed messenger in Black Stone of Kaba, Moon, mists and flourishing included Natural reflections.

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