Fazail e Quraan by Syed Abulala Maududi (RA)

فضائل قرآن

سید ابو الاعلی مودودی‎ 

Fazail e Quraan by Syed Abulala Maududi (RA)

Free download or read online Pdf copy book of  "Fazail e Quraan" written By Syed Abul ala Maududi (RA).The Quran actually acceptation "the recitation"; as well romanised Qurʾan or Koran) is the axial religious argument of Islam, which Muslims accept to be an adumbration from God (Arabic: الله‎, Allah). Its scriptural cachet a part of a world-spanning religious community, and its above abode aural apple abstract generally has led to an abundant accord of accessory abstract on the Quran.Quranic capacities are alleged suras and verses are alleged ayahs. Maududi was the aboriginal almsman of the Saudi Arabian King Faisal International Award for his account to Islam in 1979.

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