Muslim Zehen By Riaz Hassan

مسلم ذ ہن : اسلامی شعور کی تفہیم

ریاض حسن

 ترجمہ: پروفیسر مقبول الہی 

understanding Islamic Consciousness in Urdu

Free Download or read online pdf copy book of "Muslim Zehen" Islami shaoor ki Tafheem By Riaz Hassan Urdu Translation By Pr.Maqbool Ilahi.This is Urdu Translation book of Inside Muslim minds: understanding Islamic Consciousness. A ground-breaking allusive abstraction of abreast Islamic consciousness, Inside Muslim Minds is an important acumen into aspects of the Muslim faith, and its abode in the twenty-first century. Using abstracts aggregate from added than six thousand Muslim respondents from Southeast, South and Central Asia and the Middle East, Raiz Hassan examines attitudes to issues such as religious commitment; the cachet of women; the abstraction of jihad and its declared links to terrorism; Islamic philanthropy; attitudes appear blasphemy; and Muslim perceptions of the 'other'. Hassan offers an approach of Islamic alertness by analytical its change over several centuries. His allegation authenticates the assortment of the Muslim world: the abounding variations of social, political and religious views.


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