Doushi Maha Char Da At By Yaseen Majrooh

دوشی کہ ماہ ءَ چاردہ ات

یاسین مجروح

Doushi Maha 14 At By Yaseen Majrooh

Free download or read online Pdf copy Balochi poetry book of "Doushi Maha Char Da At" written By Yaseen Majrooh. Shairi Balochi funny poetry book contain interesting Balochi poetry.Poetry is one of the a lots of adored assets of Baloch acreage and its inhabitants. The timberline of that anapestic attitude has developed up, witnessing the wars throughout the history, the affliction is so acutely abiding that even the absolute war-torn history could not abate the Baloch anapestic spirit; it has consistently smiled in the face of inevitable. Balochi anapestic ancestry is carefully affiliated with people’s circadian lives: it’s affluent and beautiful. Themes abet allocation of tribe, love, beauty, wars and religion. There is an acknowledgment of morals, ethics and their history as people. It’s both academic and artful in nature. 

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