Maut Kay Samnay by Sandra Steingber

موت کے سامنے

ترجمہ: محمد عامر رانا

Maut Kay Samnay by Sandra Steingber

 Free download or read online "Maut Kay Samnay".  An Urdu translation  book of  Living down  written By  Sandra Steingber, Urdu translation By Muhammad Hamir Rana.Living Downstream: An Ecologist’s Personal Investigation of Cancer and the Environment. The aboriginal copy of Living Downstream an admirable alloy of absolute science and agreeable narrative set a new accepted for accurate writing. Poet, biologist, and blight survivor, Steingraber uses all three kinds of acquaintance to investigate the links amid blight and ecology toxins. The adapted science in this agitative new copy strengthens the case for banning poisons now common in our air, our food, and our bodies. Because constructed chemicals affiliated to blight appear mostly from petroleum and coal, Steingraber shows that advance in blooming activity as well helps anticipate cancer. Extenuating the planet becomes an amount of extenuating ourselves and an affair of animal rights. 

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