Kainat K Aajeeb Raaz by Shaykh Imam Muhammad Ghazali

کائنات کے عجیب راز

شیخ امام محمد غزالی

Kainat K Aajeeb Raaz

Free download or read online Islamic book "Kainat K Aajeeb Raaz" written By  Shaykh Imam Muhammad Ghazali and Translate in Urdu by Hafiz Muhammad Waseem Qadri.Sheikh Mohammed al-Ghazali al-Saqqa (1917–1996) (Arabic: الشيخ محمد الغزالي السقا ‎), was an Islamic apostolic and academic whose writings "have afflicted ancestors of Egyptians". The columnist of 94 books, Sheikh Ghazali admiring an ample afterward with works that approved to adopt Islam and its angelic book, the Qur'an, in an avant-garde light. He is broadly accustomed with accidental to an awakening of Islamic acceptance in Egypt over the endure decade." Another antecedent alleged him "one of the a lots of admired sheikhs in the Muslim world."Al-Ghazali was built-in in 1917 in the baby boondocks of Nikla al-'Inab (نكلا العنب), southeast of the littoral anchorage of Alexandria, in the Beheira Governorate. He accelerating from Al-Azhar University in 1941. He accomplished at the University of Umm al-Qura in Makkah, the University of Qatar, and at al-Amir Abd al-Qadir University for Islamic Sciences in Algeria.Sheikh al-Ghazali captivated the column of Chairman of the Academic Council of the International Institute of Islamic Thought in Cairo. Sheikh al-Ghazali authored added than sixty books, abounding of which accept been translated into assorted languages, and was as well the almsman of abounding awards, including the First Order of the Republic (Egypt) (1988), the King Faisal Award (1989) and the Excellence Award from Pakistan. 

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